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High Protein Animal Feed Corn DDGS
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High Protein Animal Feed Corn DDGS

210 $/тонна
Условия поставки: CIF Мерсин, Турция
Потапов Вадим
директор по маркетингу
,  Белая Церковь, UA
на Флагма с 4 июля 2019


We, «Starartmaster» LLC, as the seller, with full corporate responsibility, confirm that we are ready and able to Sell the following product on the sell of the terms and conditions:
1. Neme of the goods
1.1. High Protein Animal Feed Corn ddgs
2. The origin of the goods
2.1. Ukraine
3. The specification of the goods
Corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is the product obtained after the removal of ethyl alcohol by distillation from yeast fermentation of a grain or a grain mixture by condensing and drying at least three-fourths of the solids of the resultant whole stillage by methods employed in the grain distilling industry
4. Terms of delivery
4.1. Delivery of the goods is carried out on conditions of CIF Mersin, Turkey (Incoterms 2010)
5. Quantity of the goods
5.1. Total: 1,000 МТ (thousand) Metric Tons ± 5 %.
5.2. In a month: 1,000 МТ ± 5 %.
5.3. The quantity of the Goods can be increased.
6. Quality of the goods
6.1. Quality of the Goods is defined according to methods of check of the International standards (DSTU 4478: 2005, ISO or equivalent).
6.2 The physico-chemical parameters of DDGS meet the following parameters:
• Mass fraction of moisture,%, not more than: 11,0
• Mass fraction of crude protein, calculated on solids content,%, not less than: 26,0
• Mass fraction of crude fiber, in terms of dry matter,%, not more than: 17,0
• Mass fraction of crude ash, in terms of dry matter,%, not more than: 10,0
• Mass fraction of crude fat, calculated on the dry matter,%, not less than: 5,0
• The presence of metal-magnetic impurities: particles up to 2 mm inclusive, mg / kg bards, not more than: 30,0
• Not a toxic product
7. Packing of the goods
7.1. 800 kg PP large bag, or 50 kg PP bag
8. Price of the goods
8.1. USD 210/MT United States Dollars per one metric ton
9. Terms of payment and performance bond
9.1. Payments for delivered goods shall be made by Buyer to the Seller account as follows:
• 100% prepayment before the shipment of each consignment of goods.
10. Documentation for the Goods
10.1. Invoice
10.2. Certificate of analysis
10.3. Phytosanitary certificate
10.4. Veterinary certificate
10.5. Customs declaration
10.6. Dioxin certificate, issued by an accredited laboratory, or Certificate of analysis indicating the concentration of dioxin (SGS)

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Номер объявления: 7403   |  просмотров: 60  
,  Белая Церковь, UA
на Флагма с 4 июля 2019

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